KTA Ltd has experience in the following technologies.

CAD Software

  • AutoCAD Versions 2.11 through to AutoCAD R 2012
  • Autodesk 3DS Max Design
  • Deep Exploration - CAD Edition
  • Lightscape

CAD Architectural Application Packages

  • Revit Architecture, 2008 to 2012

Graphics and Publishing Programs

  • Adobe Design Premium CS5
  • Piranesi
  • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Word including system setup, the use of templates, style sheets, outlining and mailmerge facilities.
    • Experienced in Excel, Powerpoint and Microsoft Front Page

Development Systems

Software development involvement has included a number of projects using the following languages:

  • AutoLISP
  • Basic
  • Javascript, HTML

Computer Operating Systems


Window 3.11, Windows 95/98

Windows NT 4 workstation

Windows NT 4 server

Windows 2000 Professional

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Wndows 7



Mainly with Intel based computers including IBM, NEC, Digital and Compaq. Associated peripheral equipment including HP laser printers, HP Design Jet plotters, Wacom digitisers and HP Scanners, iPAD2.